Melbourne U-Nite Cup (women)

Registrations now open
⚽️  Kicks off 31st October
We offer 2 cups if there is enough interest:
🏆  Competitive Cup – BLUE
🏆  Social Cup – PINK
✏️ Important note: Games between local teams may be played at suitable northwest or southeast venues depending on availability.
      The Darebin State Football Centre, Thornbury, is our primary venue.
Avoid disappointment. First IN, First SERVED.
Conditions apply.
Please help spread the word. All welcome.
It is a great opportunity to make new friends.
All inquiries welcome
MCSA is community Football – bringing people together from all different cultures

Statewide Lockdown

The announcement on the 15th of July of a short, sharp lockdown means that all the MCSA fixtured games for the weekend (17th & 18th of July) will be cancelled.
Please, wear a face mask, stay safe and look out for each other.
MCSA is community Football – bringing people together from all different cultures

Fen Jiu League 1

MCSA is delighted to welcome Fen Jiu as the new sponsor for our League 1 competition.
Known as “the Founder of Chinese Liquor”, Fen Jiu is China’s leading Bai Jiu with a history of 4000 years and central to the Chinese culture of celebration and hospitality.
Thanks to Fen Jiu’s light aroma with a sweet mellow and refreshing taste, it is the most “approachable” variety of Bai Jiu.
Fu Ja is the Australian & NZ agent operating for Fen Jiu.
Established in 2019 with a growing team in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, Fu Ja has a distribution network to service restaurants, bottle shops, other retailers & B2B segments across all states and territories.

United Food Express

United Food Express sponsoring our League 2 Southeast
MCSA welcomes back United Food Express, a long time supporter of MCSA.
A wholesaler and distributor of frozen seafood in the local market, United Food Express is able to stay strong and excel in the industry by providing quality-controlled products at competitive prices to customers with excellent services.
With a commitment to quality and value, rest assured United Food Express is at the forefront to provide for your needs in this ever so demanding market.