MCSA China Tour 2018

MCSA United is off to Guangzhou, China in September.

After a successful tour in 2017, our MCSA United squad will again be touring  Guangzhou, China this year.

Departing on the 21st of September, our first stop is to visit our friends in Jiamusha for the Jiamusha Cup against Cong Yi FC on the 23rd September.

Our squad will then be reaching out to new friends in ShenZhen for the Leopard Cup against ShenZhen Pacific on the 25th September and finally, a friendly against Jiangmen Huaji FC at Jiangmen Taishan.

MCSA is Football. We aim to have the best available squad possible to represent MCSA and proudly showcase Melbourne’s vibrant community football and our diversity on the world stage. 

23 September 2018


VS Congyi FC, Jiamusha, Guangzhou

25 september 2018


VS ShenZhen Pacific, ShenZhen

28 september 2018


VS Jiangmen Huaji FC, Jiangmen Taishan

MCSA China Tour 2018 Players & Officials

Bill Lau


Jack Ngo

Tour Director

Danny Chan

Tour Advisory & Planner – Melbourne

Li Jun

Tour Advisory & Planner – Guangzhou

Will Intan

Head Coach

Brandon Chhan

Team Manager

Nason Mwanza

Team Communication & Public Relation Manager


Kim Tak

Kay Mohammadi

Yeong Jia Boom

King Yeung Wan

Yuichiro Tanaka

Calvin Lee

Joichiro Chiba

Masayuki Hata

Raz Baqeri

Hoang Bui

Alexander Loft

Tony Dong

Masroor Jafari

Sayed Fatemi

Ryoma Uriu

Talib Hassani

Aziz Bazuhayr